Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Prove three things to get a job.

Most of you are wondering how to get a job. There are 3 basic things
to prove to get a job easily.
1. The knowledge and the skills that the company expects from you.
2. The communicational,man handling and interpersonal skills.
3. The most important is to make the company believe that you have in you.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Technology in future

Lets now look at my wishlist for the year 2020. Technology has become
an integral part in human life from mobile phones to computers. In
2010- mobile phones will be completely touch screen interface. I am
not surprised if foldbale touch screen phones come out. The battery
life will be better, great processing speeds. Camera resolution have a
chance to reach 50 megapixel. Mobile commerce will be more integral.
Network Speeds can go upto 20 megabytes per second.

Keep your worries away

Worries decreases your confidence and makes you weak. To keep worries
away, manage them effectively. Here are some of the steps. 1.try to
find a solution. It doesnt matter whether the solution is achieved
quickly or it takes time. 2. Accept that it happens to every one in
the world and you are not the one who is affected by the problem. 3.
Share your worries with anyone like friends, parents etc.. 4 practise
mental relaxation exercises like yoga or meditation to keep your mind
free from worries. 5. Always avoid thinking negatively .