Friday, January 29, 2010

Internet frauds

Internet frauds are increasing day by day. Here are some of the
techniques used by spammers to cheat you.
1. Phising mails- this is most commonly used technique. You get a mail
that your bank account is terminated for some reasons and they ask you
to send your user id and password or they provide you link to fake
login page.
2. Work at home.
Have you noticed advertisement like earn 1000$ per day. They say that
you can earn by data entry work, ad clicking, copy paste job, survey
job etc.. They ask for registration fees. When you pay money then it
is all over.

First hands on apple ipad

The much awaited apple ipad is out. The device has nothing special.
The features are same as in iphone except the larger screen. Ipad has
no video conferencing, USB connectivity and flash. It does not support
microsoft office. Steve jobs said it is between notebook and
smartphone. But i cannot find features of notebook because of less
processing power with apple A4 1Gb chip and less memory.
The only surprise is the price. Apple ipad costs between 499$ to 829$
My final verdict is it is useless to buy.