Friday, December 3, 2010

About Triplicane

Triplicane is well connected to all important places in chennai. You can go to central/egmore within few minutes. There is direct bus to koyamedu. For entertainment triplicane is the best. We can reach satyam, escape avenue, inox, devi complex quickly. For gadgets, richie street is also very near. If you want to relax, then go to the beach. There are plenty of mansions available in triplicane. College students and employees whose native place is outside chennai and want to stay in chennai take room in triplicane.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Airtel 3g now in chennai

Airtel 3g experience demo now available at spencer plaza. They will demo video calling and web browsing. They may launch 3g in couple of weeks

Friday, May 14, 2010

Why Raging thunder 2 did not land on ovi store?

We all know that raging thunder is the best racing game on mobile. It has amazing graphics. The big question is that polarbit released raging thunder 2 for apple and android platform. When asked about the availability of this game on symbian platform, polarbit is saying they are working on it. The admin of the polarbit website said that RT2 will not available in ovi store in near future.

The following are the reasons why polarbit is avoiding symbian.

1. The older version of raging thunder did not gone well. Many people reported that the game has starting problems witn symbian phones.

2. The raging thunder 2 uses advanced graphics and high resolution which is not compactable with symbian phones.

3. Finally, the processing capability of symbian phones is very low. It cannot handle the game like raging thunder 2
Hope polarbit workout the issues and launch raging thunder on ovi store..

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Software update 20.005 for nokia 5230

Now nokia's new firmware update is available for nokia 5230. At present we cannot update the firmware directly from phone. It can be updated via computer.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

How to use GPS in nokia 5230

1. Go to location.↲2. Select GPS data.↲3. Select satellite status from
options menu to view the status of satellite available.↲4. If no
signal is available, move to an open area.↲5. Wait for 5 minutes when
the signal is available from more than 2 satellites your location will
be tracked.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Nokia to introduce 500 rupees phone

Nokia is the leader in the mobile manufacturing in the world. Nokia
has successfully sold many low price phones in india. Now nokia is
deciding to launch the 500 rupees phone which will have few features
targeting lower and middle class people.

Why 3G auction delayed in india

The 3G auction got the habit of delayed again and again. This time the
auction may be delayed upto 6 months. The reason is the delay in
allocation of spectrum. Another reason speculated is the telecom
operators did not have enough money for bids.

Google's next

Good news for all. Google is soon planning to launch a social
networking facility for its account holders. This enables the users to
share videos and have advanced techniques.

Slash in ipad prices

There are rumours and speculations that apple will slash the prices of
ipad. According to the survey conducted by the famous website, more
than 60 percent of people are not interested in buying the ipad. The
drawbacks like no multitasking, camera,flash are some of the reasons
for rejecting the ipad.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ebook reader made in india

Pi ebook reader is the one made in india. It costs about 10,000 rupees
which is two-third the price of amazon kindle. The ebook reader can
store upto 300 books with its internal memory. It also allows you to
store upto 3000 books with external memory.
The external memory has capacity upto 4GB.
The ebook reader does not have wi-fi connectivity.
The ebook will come to sale this month.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Password tips

Here are some tips that helps you to make your password well secured.
1) Dont use only digits.
2) Create password that contains lower and upper case alphabets,
numbers and symbols.
3) Dont use celebrity names, your name, fathers name, date of birth,
mobile number because they are guessable by your friends and
4) Always create password of about 10 to 12 characters.
5) Dont use same password for all user id.

Apple ipad comes to india before iphone 3G S

Apple recently launched their tablet ipad. Since it is not locked to
any operator it will come to india soon. Apple launched Iphone 3G S
six months ago and it is yet to come to india. Ipad has chance to come
to india before the Iphone 3G S.

Airtel mobile office offer

Airtel introduces new offer by which you can download upto 200 megabytes.
Just recharge for 17 rupees. It is valid for 3 days.
The other plan is if you recharge for 98 rupees you can download upto
2gigabytes valid upto 1 month.
To check amount of usage dial *123*10#

Friday, January 29, 2010

Internet frauds

Internet frauds are increasing day by day. Here are some of the
techniques used by spammers to cheat you.
1. Phising mails- this is most commonly used technique. You get a mail
that your bank account is terminated for some reasons and they ask you
to send your user id and password or they provide you link to fake
login page.
2. Work at home.
Have you noticed advertisement like earn 1000$ per day. They say that
you can earn by data entry work, ad clicking, copy paste job, survey
job etc.. They ask for registration fees. When you pay money then it
is all over.

First hands on apple ipad

The much awaited apple ipad is out. The device has nothing special.
The features are same as in iphone except the larger screen. Ipad has
no video conferencing, USB connectivity and flash. It does not support
microsoft office. Steve jobs said it is between notebook and
smartphone. But i cannot find features of notebook because of less
processing power with apple A4 1Gb chip and less memory.
The only surprise is the price. Apple ipad costs between 499$ to 829$
My final verdict is it is useless to buy.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Prove three things to get a job.

Most of you are wondering how to get a job. There are 3 basic things
to prove to get a job easily.
1. The knowledge and the skills that the company expects from you.
2. The communicational,man handling and interpersonal skills.
3. The most important is to make the company believe that you have in you.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Technology in future

Lets now look at my wishlist for the year 2020. Technology has become
an integral part in human life from mobile phones to computers. In
2010- mobile phones will be completely touch screen interface. I am
not surprised if foldbale touch screen phones come out. The battery
life will be better, great processing speeds. Camera resolution have a
chance to reach 50 megapixel. Mobile commerce will be more integral.
Network Speeds can go upto 20 megabytes per second.

Keep your worries away

Worries decreases your confidence and makes you weak. To keep worries
away, manage them effectively. Here are some of the steps. 1.try to
find a solution. It doesnt matter whether the solution is achieved
quickly or it takes time. 2. Accept that it happens to every one in
the world and you are not the one who is affected by the problem. 3.
Share your worries with anyone like friends, parents etc.. 4 practise
mental relaxation exercises like yoga or meditation to keep your mind
free from worries. 5. Always avoid thinking negatively .

Saturday, January 9, 2010

My wishlist for 2010

Here are my wishlist for this year.
1. Smart phone price to drop drastically. A well featured smart phone
to be available as low as 7000 rupees.
2. Some phone from nokia or google or anyother should beat apple 3GS.
3. Universal chargers for all mobile phones.
4. Battery life increase significantly.

Airtel cricket tricks

Go to
click cricket and go to live scores.
Go to ball by ball commentary and click auto refresh on. The website
will update score automatically.

Stocks to look out for 2010

These are the stocks which will attain its maximum growth from my
point of view.
1. M&M
2. Tata steel
3. State bank of india
4. Axis bank

Google nexus one has chance to overtake Iphone in india

Google has just launched nexus one in U.S. The launch of this phone
created a lot of expectation in india. If google can fix the price
point of the phone correctly, then it will be a huge hit. People in
india did not have good response to Iphone because of its high price.
I wish google makes smarter decision than apple.

Download free games using Airtel

Go to Airtel game club. Download the game you want. Make sure your
balance is less than 30 paise.

Airtel trick

Use this trick at your own risk as this may not work for everyone. 1.
Keep your balance less than 30 paise. 2. Go to Airtel live home page.
3. Go to email and services. 4. Choose ezmail. 5. Choose 15 rupees per
week subscription plan and click i agree. You can use any email free
for upto 1 day maximum.

Reliance gsm offer

Now enjoy an excellent offer from reliance. Recharge for 48 rupees and
enjoy 50paise/minute for any local mobile or landline. This is for

Nokia's market share dropped by 6 percent

Nokia's market share dropped from 41 percent to 35 last year. This is
due to the fact that nokia still does not emerged as leader in making
smartphones. The rivals are apple and blackberry. The top official
said that the situation will improve this year. He also mentioned
nokia is no. 2 in apps followed by apple.

Google launches nexus one

Friday, January 8, 2010

Tcs, Wipro starting to hire

Tcs,Wipro and other big software companies starting to hire again
after the recent recession. About 4000 senior software professionals
have been hired in october to december last year.