Friday, May 14, 2010

Why Raging thunder 2 did not land on ovi store?

We all know that raging thunder is the best racing game on mobile. It has amazing graphics. The big question is that polarbit released raging thunder 2 for apple and android platform. When asked about the availability of this game on symbian platform, polarbit is saying they are working on it. The admin of the polarbit website said that RT2 will not available in ovi store in near future.

The following are the reasons why polarbit is avoiding symbian.

1. The older version of raging thunder did not gone well. Many people reported that the game has starting problems witn symbian phones.

2. The raging thunder 2 uses advanced graphics and high resolution which is not compactable with symbian phones.

3. Finally, the processing capability of symbian phones is very low. It cannot handle the game like raging thunder 2
Hope polarbit workout the issues and launch raging thunder on ovi store..