Saturday, January 9, 2010

My wishlist for 2010

Here are my wishlist for this year.
1. Smart phone price to drop drastically. A well featured smart phone
to be available as low as 7000 rupees.
2. Some phone from nokia or google or anyother should beat apple 3GS.
3. Universal chargers for all mobile phones.
4. Battery life increase significantly.

Airtel cricket tricks

Go to
click cricket and go to live scores.
Go to ball by ball commentary and click auto refresh on. The website
will update score automatically.

Stocks to look out for 2010

These are the stocks which will attain its maximum growth from my
point of view.
1. M&M
2. Tata steel
3. State bank of india
4. Axis bank

Google nexus one has chance to overtake Iphone in india

Google has just launched nexus one in U.S. The launch of this phone
created a lot of expectation in india. If google can fix the price
point of the phone correctly, then it will be a huge hit. People in
india did not have good response to Iphone because of its high price.
I wish google makes smarter decision than apple.

Download free games using Airtel

Go to Airtel game club. Download the game you want. Make sure your
balance is less than 30 paise.

Airtel trick

Use this trick at your own risk as this may not work for everyone. 1.
Keep your balance less than 30 paise. 2. Go to Airtel live home page.
3. Go to email and services. 4. Choose ezmail. 5. Choose 15 rupees per
week subscription plan and click i agree. You can use any email free
for upto 1 day maximum.

Reliance gsm offer

Now enjoy an excellent offer from reliance. Recharge for 48 rupees and
enjoy 50paise/minute for any local mobile or landline. This is for

Nokia's market share dropped by 6 percent

Nokia's market share dropped from 41 percent to 35 last year. This is
due to the fact that nokia still does not emerged as leader in making
smartphones. The rivals are apple and blackberry. The top official
said that the situation will improve this year. He also mentioned
nokia is no. 2 in apps followed by apple.

Google launches nexus one

Friday, January 8, 2010

Tcs, Wipro starting to hire

Tcs,Wipro and other big software companies starting to hire again
after the recent recession. About 4000 senior software professionals
have been hired in october to december last year.