Thursday, February 11, 2010

Nokia to introduce 500 rupees phone

Nokia is the leader in the mobile manufacturing in the world. Nokia
has successfully sold many low price phones in india. Now nokia is
deciding to launch the 500 rupees phone which will have few features
targeting lower and middle class people.

Why 3G auction delayed in india

The 3G auction got the habit of delayed again and again. This time the
auction may be delayed upto 6 months. The reason is the delay in
allocation of spectrum. Another reason speculated is the telecom
operators did not have enough money for bids.

Google's next

Good news for all. Google is soon planning to launch a social
networking facility for its account holders. This enables the users to
share videos and have advanced techniques.

Slash in ipad prices

There are rumours and speculations that apple will slash the prices of
ipad. According to the survey conducted by the famous website, more
than 60 percent of people are not interested in buying the ipad. The
drawbacks like no multitasking, camera,flash are some of the reasons
for rejecting the ipad.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ebook reader made in india

Pi ebook reader is the one made in india. It costs about 10,000 rupees
which is two-third the price of amazon kindle. The ebook reader can
store upto 300 books with its internal memory. It also allows you to
store upto 3000 books with external memory.
The external memory has capacity upto 4GB.
The ebook reader does not have wi-fi connectivity.
The ebook will come to sale this month.