Thursday, February 4, 2010

Password tips

Here are some tips that helps you to make your password well secured.
1) Dont use only digits.
2) Create password that contains lower and upper case alphabets,
numbers and symbols.
3) Dont use celebrity names, your name, fathers name, date of birth,
mobile number because they are guessable by your friends and
4) Always create password of about 10 to 12 characters.
5) Dont use same password for all user id.

Apple ipad comes to india before iphone 3G S

Apple recently launched their tablet ipad. Since it is not locked to
any operator it will come to india soon. Apple launched Iphone 3G S
six months ago and it is yet to come to india. Ipad has chance to come
to india before the Iphone 3G S.

Airtel mobile office offer

Airtel introduces new offer by which you can download upto 200 megabytes.
Just recharge for 17 rupees. It is valid for 3 days.
The other plan is if you recharge for 98 rupees you can download upto
2gigabytes valid upto 1 month.
To check amount of usage dial *123*10#